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During your visit to our website and during the completion of your order, the connection between your computer and our webshop is secured. Using SSL, the transaction data is encrypted over the internet. You recognize a secure SSL connection at the bottom of your browser's bottom status bar or address bar.

This is the Privacy Statement associated with the website

Privacy declaration

You can visit this website without telling us who you are or providing some information about yourself. However, there are situations where we need information from you, for example, to match with you, place an order or make an entry. The information received or collected by us is not sold or made available to third parties. This subject to special circumstances, for example, if required by law. You can also request at any time to delete your data from our files, which we will hear.

When visiting our website, we keep:

  • Your email address if you communicate this to us
  • Your name and address data (to be able to handle your order)
  • All information you volunteered (for example, information in your client account)
  • User behavior on our website (this is anonymous data that can not be retrieved is up to 1 person.

The data only tells us what all visitors on our site did together. With these data, we try to improve our website)

The information is used internally only and is not passed on to other organizations unless the law requires us to do so.

By using our website, you (the visitor) agree to allow third parties to process your IP address, in order to determine your location for the purpose of currency conversion. You also agree to have that currency stored in a session cookie in your browser (a temporary cookie which gets automatically removed when you close your browser). We do this in order for the selected currency to remain selected and consistent when browsing our website so that the prices can convert to your (the visitor) local currency.

On this site we use cookies (a cookie is a small file that is sent by an Internet server and installs on your computer's hard drive. This file keeps track of the visited Internet site and contains some information about this visit) Cookies help, for example, by remembering which products you stop in your shopping cart so you can order all the products in 1 time and do not have to re-enter all the information again.

We do not have partnerships or special relationships with third parties on the internet.

If we transfer or receive your data on our website, we always use the encryption technologies that are recognized as current standards within the IT sector.

If we receive or transfer certain critical information, such as financial information or health information, we use a secure server. We have outsourced the security of this server to a professional hosting company.

How do you contact us in connection with our privacy policy?

If you wish to respond to our privacy policy, please contact us

  • By email: customer
  • By phone: +32 (0)22 59 1046
  • By letter: Excelsiorlaan 57, 1930, Zaventem, Brussels, Belgium


About communication by email

If you do not wish to receive emails from our company in the future, please contact us at the above address, unsubscribe from your account or unsubscribe from the hyperlink listed in our newsletters.

About communication by letter

If you inform us via the web, you will only receive the information you have requested at the address you provided us with.

Our company can use consumer information for new purposes that are not yet provided for in our privacy policy. In that case, we will contact you before using your information for these new purposes, to notify you of the changes to our privacy policy and to give you the opportunity to refuse your participation. .

Upon request, we will send visitors to our site all the information we keep or inform about them by phone. If you wish to access this information, please contact us at the above address.

Upon request, we offer visitors to our site the opportunity to correct any incorrect data we keep from them. If you wish to improve your personal information, please contact us at the above address.

If you find that our site is not in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact our company at the above address.

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